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For that very special personalized gift.  Commemorate a wedding or other special occasion by a unique present.

Get Razwan Ul-Haq to create a special calligraphy piece  that can be hung anywhere in the home, flat or office. 

Or if you want to be bold, transform your space, declutter your environment with a white horizon and the sunlight

of Arabic calligraphy.




what type of Art will it be?

Conceptual Arabic Calligraphy with a classical aftertaste.  A unique  design that takes into account who the Art is for. Art that is different but has that timeless quality to make it just right for a gift. The Artist can also alter the ambience of your living space by directly painting on the calligraphy onto your wall.


how much does it cost?

Our Art, though bespoke, is perfectly affordable when you opt for a small piece, done on specialist paper, with just black ink.  For larger pieces of calligraphy, and those that include 24 carat gold, more time is devoted to the Art and that is reflected in the price.  


how big is the Art going to be?

You can commission any size.  It is important for you to have a look at where the Art is going to be placed.  When you simply want one piece of work, for the average home or workspace, standard sizes of A5. A4 or A3 are often the most appropriate and you can find a lot of frames of that size to match.


what mediums do you use?

My calligraphy is mainly black ink or paint and with the addition of a little colour, including the option of having pure 24 carat gold in your calligraphy to make it a priceless piece.  One-off calligraphy is done on specialist paper.  If you are looking for a total interior design, you can opt for Art on your tiles, wall or glass.


will the finished artwork be framed?

The calligraphy can be painted on your wall or space by the Artist to create that minimal look. One off pieces of calligraphy can either be shipped framed or unframed. All calligraphy comes signed with full certification and suggested guidelines for framing.  We recommend using a mount with a large blank area around the calligraphy to evoke the significance of the calligraphy itself, and give that minimal look, therefore please bear that in mind when considering your quote.  In other words, the calligraphy itself should be much smaller than the frame.  This is of course only our recommendation; the final choice is up to you! The choice is yours depending on your budget. 


will the Artist visit me?

For larger and more detailed projects, including those that require direct application of the word on your space, naturally the artist will come to your premises.  For normal, small pieces of calligraphy you will not require an artist visit but will be constantly informed of the progress of your commission.


I need an urgent quote.

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