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TRANS-REALITY.  This piece, like all the pieces below, contains nothing but Arabic.  Surah Rahman, verses 26-27 have been repeated to compose this scene: 'Everything upon here will perish, but will remain the Face of Your Lord, the Majestic, the Generous.




REALITY. Verses 26-27 have been repeated to compose the scene: 'Everything upon here will perish, but will remain the Face of Your Lord, the Majestic, the Generous.



100 - minus 1. The Ninety-Nine Names of Allah; Noble Attributes of Divinity  


THE FOUR SIDES OF A CUBE. The Kaba in Makka is the archetype for this piece composed of various verses from the Qur'an.

LANDSCAPE FROM THE HEART'S FACE.  Qur'anic Verses create a perspective.  A mysterious point appears as a yellow calligram: Hu Allah!

BLUE SEA PLANET.  Ayat ul-Kursi.  The Verse of the Throne repeats.  Protection arises as a perfume from the Divine Gaze. 

  THE SEVEN WORLDS. Verses of Surah Yasin create a perspective indicating seven worlds.  The casing is the outer phenomenal body.  The discernment is in realizing Allah.

BRITISH ISLAM.  Surah Baqarah, Verse 115 around the shape of mini: 'And Allah's is the East and West.  Wherever you turn is the Face of Allah, the Vast, the Knower.'  The Bismillah is written on the crescent descending on the roof. 

VERSES IN THE OCCIDENT.  2005.  London is the setting for this piece.  The ink flows from a pot that is neither Eastern nor Western. 

ILLUSION is in the EYE only.  Is it a cube?  Or is it a three dimensional pyramid.  What we see is not what is.  What we see is what the eye sees.  The soul gives it definition.

FAITH up THERE.    Based upon the declaration of faith, La ilaha il Allah, Muhammad ur-Rasul Allah.  Like the rising of Venus on a clear evening, it is not easy to see what is really up there, but do not confuse the star and the planet.

POWER OF WORDS.  2005.  The last three Surahs from the Qur'an. The three Quls.  Power rests in non-movement, in the captured inanimate strokes.  In our earth, if we look closely, we find a complement in the opposite.  Like a dormant mass of spiritual energy sleeping in words.

GRAVITY-PILLARS HOLDING DREAM-SPHERES.  Inspired by the recollection of the Universe as being on unseen pillars, invited by the Divine Words enshrined in the Qur'an.

SEEN FROM ANOTHER WORLD.Silence brings other horizons to mark their unexplored openness.

FRUIT OF ZIKR FROM A PAST TIME.  Amongst the Divine Names there are those evoking His Creator-ness.  Here they share distinctness that has melted in with a moment of time.  A capture of a sound, not the word, nor the Name.