Razwan regularly talks about his work.  He has performed at Ilkley, Bradford and Huddersfield Literature Festivals as well as various community hubs and universities.

His work always provokes questions and this often includes Art workshops.

Razwan feels that literature and visual art can have an interesting underlying aesthetic.  In attempting to incorporate the minimalism of his Arabic calligraphy practice to English Literature, he often elaborates on the energies that are released as the reader becomes an integral part of the book.  The meaning of Arabic, Persian and Urdu poetry can compete with, or be complemented by, the calligraphic flourishes of the reed pen as it traces out the surface for the reader.  Indeed we might even ask, is the reader a passive onlooker or an active participant?  It is the latter that interests Razwan in the field of English Literature.   In presenting minimalist work that encourages the audience to interpret her or his own meaning within the context of lived experience. 

By introducing visual art to the mode of literature, Razwan aims to carry another aspect of meaning through form.  Many newcomers to Arabic Calligraphy enjoy the aesthetics yet the history and development of the scripts are quite extraordinary and impart wisdoms that add to the human understanding of the world.  When combined with calligraphy, the sayings of the great poets of Middle Eastern literature take on a new dimension.  Yet we must not forget that such lofty art was not exclusively for the domain of the palaces but for all of humanity.  Razwan is always keen to introduce the long lost world in the simplest language possible - indeed his own writing flits between simplicity of word and the complexity of a multilayered poetic dynamic we find in Arabic, Farsi and Urdu poetry.


What author talks is Razwan doing in 2018 to 2019?

Razwan is touring England, Scotland and Wales with his new book Phobiastan

What sort of audiences are the talks suitable for?

Razwan attracts a good cross section of participants including difficult to reach groups.

What is the subject matter?

Razwan Ul-Haq's Phobiastan will be dealing with Islamophobia, living in the North of England, and his connection with classical Middle Eastern poetry.  Additionally, he will share his thoughts on the fluidity between Art and writing. 

Equipment needed?

Razwan prefers a powerpoint projector but it is not essential.  If a calligraphy session is needed he will bring specialist calligraphy equipment for a demonstration.

Will Razwan be talking about the style of his writing?

Literary Minimalism and Arabic Calligraphy share features which will be interesting as will Razwan's approach of using Arabic text to illustrate his English narratives and poetry.

How can the venue measure the effectiveness of the sessions?

Razwan is keen to incorporate questions from the audience and offer practical calligraphy sessions too, 

CRB Checked?


How do I contact Razwan?

razwan@ulhaqbrothers.com or 0777 3963 502